Monday, January 30, 2012

120 Days Leaves Osaka For The Galaxy

Somewhere out there in the spiral arms of the galaxy is where 120 Days reside. This Norwegian band creates interstellar techno prog rock that combines the best of our world and worlds far, far away. Over the course of their two albums the band has seen fit to get lost in space and beam their music back to us. Their latest album Osaka is a strangely titled exploration of deep space that's likely to never see them return back to our galaxy.

Osaka is a proggy, strange, and epic record that taps into its inner Georgio Moroder while cranking up the hyperdrive on the starship 120 Days. This is a band that creates deep, textural and expansive electronic explorations of the galaxy through the hypnotic and trance inducing use of keyboards, sequencers, and beats. In other words, Osaka in a word is amazing. This is like listening to Ozric Tentacles if they packed up their caravan's, took a shower, bought a spaceship, and went all dance music. Think trippy sounds, oozing synths, never ending bass lines and driving beats and you kind of have an idea of where 120 Days are coming from.

120 Days our one four piece band that are not of this earth and they're unafraid to show it. Alien soundscapes haunt the discos of the future and Osaka is the soundtrack to every one of them. In the year 2525 120 Days will rule the multiverse and we will all be subject to their musical winds. Why not get 413 years ahead of the game and pick up Osaka and then succumb to their majesty.

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