Thursday, January 5, 2012

Kitsune Heads Back To Paris

The latest compilation from Kitsune, Parisien II, is nothing short of perfect. That's nothing new for this French label who over the last five or so years have defined what quality electro, indie dance, and the like represents. This latest compilation highlights the latest from emerging talent from the vibrant Parisian scene and beyond. Packed with fourteen tracks, the compilation covers all it's bases in fine fashion.

The compilation is so forward thinking and so up front that unless you live in Paris you've probably not heard of anything or anybody on this record. Parisien II features house, electro, chill-wave, indie dance and just about everything in between. From the seductive opening track from Tomorrow's World to the angular synth punk funk of Juveniles, it's all here and all geared at getting you to dance...a lot. That should be expected because, after all, that's what Kitsune has been doing from the get go.

While compilations such as Parisien II are generally hit and miss I'm proud to report that nothing on this record misses. This is a pretty much perfect record from the get go and serves as an educational tool as to what's moving people in the Parisian indie/dance scenes. Kitsune knows to to find talent and their list of success stories is longer than the track listing on this album. Parisien II is almost like a laundry list of what makes a brilliant electro record in whatever style you want. Sexy, slinky, and packed with tasty danceable treats there's really nothing bad about this record. This is yet another essential release from an essential label at the center of the electro scene. Say what you will about the French but they love to dance and they know how to get the world dancing along with them and this compilation proves it.

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