Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Prince Edward Island Know This Day Is A Good Enough Day

If you miss having Ballboy around your record collection than have I got a band for you. Fellow Scotsmen, Prince Edward Island are a brash, slightly humorous, slightly self-deprecating all around brilliant pop band who take what made Ballboy famous and make it all their own. Their album, This Day Is A Good Enough Day is absolutely classic Scottish pop that will have you raising your pint glasses in tribute and you singing the songs here in a terrace anthem stylee.

So good is this record that it almost brought me to tears at how much I miss Scotland. Jangly pop sidles next to moody minimal pop, synth pop, and the greatest vocals since Stephen Pastel sung off key. This Day Is A Good Enough Day is just about perfect stuff and what's truly remarkable about this record is that it spans four years of recording and still sounds remarkably cohesive. If we ever wondered where the nights go to sleep when they do not come to you, I think we figured it out...they've gone to Prince Edward Island's recording studio.

With that wry Scottish sense of humor, and a brilliant pop sensibility about them Darren Bruce and his band construct catch song after catchy song while making light of everything from depression to sex and everything in between. A joy to read along with and dance along to, This Day Is A Good Enough Day is pretty much the definition of a perfect indie pop record in this day and age

From the needy, "You Look Like You Need A Drink," to the rather hilariously titled, "Sex In The Morning (I'm Coughing, You're Yawning)," This Day Is A Good Enough Day is a non-stop record of brilliance. While I undoubtedly miss Ballboy, Prince Edward Island have fit rather nicely in their place and if they continue to make records as good as This Day Is A Good Enough Day then they might just surpass their peers.

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