Sunday, January 1, 2012

I Am Dynamite Is Super Mega Fantastic

When you hear a band name like I Am Dynamite you'd generally expect said band to be either a post hard core screamo band or an explosive punk band that knows one chord. What you wouldn't expect is a two piece spikier version of Weezer. But, that's what I Am Dynamite are; a spikier version of Rivers Cuomo's best power pop chords come to life. Their album Super Mega Fantastic is a self-fulfilling prophecy of excellent sugar fueled pop.

Super Mega Fantastic is chop full of chunky three chord riffs, huge choruses, easy to latch onto lyrics, and a level of energy that's so high it could power a city for a week. If ever there was a band that could inspire rampant pogoing, moshing, and dancing all at the same time I Am Dynamite would be that band. Like a melodic caffeine shot straight to the heart, Super Mega Fantastic never really slows down and explodes right out of the gate with, "Where Will We Go." From there, huge riffs and repetitively mind numbing lyrics have their way with you and you can't help but squirm or dance in a feeble attempt to escape from what these guys do. It is of course pointless to even try.

I Am Dynamite are very good at what they do and Super Mega Fantastic is exactly that...freaking fantastic. This is the sound of power pop in 2011 and it's never sounded better.

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