Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Cinderella Motel Provides Automatic Pleasure

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If you are a modern day rock and roll band and you have an accordion player in your band you are automatically a zillion times cooler in my book. This makes Los Angeles bred, Cinderella Motel, officially one of the coolest bands on the planet. Their album Automatic Pleasure is a rough and tumble polka ride through hell; just kidding about the polka ride.

What Automatic Pleasure is though is the sound of a more strung out, more fuzzed out version of The Kills. With aggressive punk chord changes, almost riot grrl like vocals and a general feeling that things are not going well, Cinderella Motel are not living in a fairytale. This musical nightmare is an attacking, disruptive affair that's bound to cause anarchy wherever it is played and that's why it's fantastic. Rebellious to the point of rebelling against rebelling, Cinderella Motel plow their way through songs with bulldozing like efficiency. In their wake there remains nothing but burning embers and the remains of lesser musicians.

With accordion cranked to 11, guitars running on what sounds like four or five Big Muff pedals, and drums shattering skins this is not an album for the feint of heart...and yes I said accordion cranked to 11. Automatic Pleasure is a great album of hostile riffs, dominant vocals, and dirty scuzzy rock and roll songs that combine together to create a sense of impending doom. If you ever wondered what a roll around in the gutter would sound like, Cinderella Motel have just provided you with the soundtrack and it ain't pretty.

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