Sunday, January 1, 2012

Florida's May Day Parade Returns

Mayday, mayday,'s a parade of emo! Tallahassee band Mayday Parade aren't in need of rescue, but they have released a new album that might be worth throwing a parade fore. In a very short time these Floridians have made a name for themselves playing the kind of emo that girls swoon too and Hot Topic was designed for. Their third album, simply titled Mayday Parade sees the band polishing the gains they made on their last album Anywhere But Here and becoming a much tighter unit with the songs to back it all up.

Mayday Parade is an absolutely huge sweeping record that's so overwrought with emotion and heartache that it should come with a box of tissues. The songs soar on the emotions of their vocalist who seems as though he's had his heart broken one too many times and is just down in the dumps. His loss, however, seems to be his songs gain as their pleading, tortured nature and sense of guilt makes them ridiculously catchy.

While I'm a bit too old for emo, their sugary sweet nature is so easy to latch on to. It's easy in listening to Mayday Parade to understand why this band is as big as they are...huge anthemic songs that are dripping with emotion and radio ready riffage = success. About the only thing left for this Florida band to do is conquer the world and with Mayday Parade under the belts that might just be possible.

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