Monday, January 23, 2012

Chubby Dubz Has a Direct Experience

What happens when you have a German and an American appearing on a UK label? Perfection that's what. Just ask the dynamic duo of Oliver $ and Gene Siewing AKA Chubby Dubz. Their latest 12" entitled Direct Experience (album sampler #1) is a scorcher of deep chilled house record that's bound to be a hit.

Featuring three original tunes (Direct Experience, Led to Believe, Spirit) and the Art Bleek remix of the title track, Direct Experience (album sampler #1) is a record that's so deep that if it were a hole it would have dug itself to China and back again. Lush synths swath the beats in velvety goodness that push the four songs here to even deeper realms. The occasional squiggle vocal sample, poking organ lines, and bass lines that ride the wave home only heighten the experience.

Seductive, sweet, and chilled to perfection house music like this proves why it will always buck the trends and remain essential. Direct Experience (album sampler #1) hints at what's in store for Chubby Dubz album and judging by the four tracks's going to be amazing. An essential release that proves time and time is a feeling.

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