Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Coastals Burn White Hot

The Coastals are a power pop / pop punk juggernaut who have mastered the art of the sugary sweet chorus, the three chord riff, and writing songs that sound like a broken heart. Not particularly complicated or even trying to pretend to be something they are not, The Coastals have pretty much mastered the art of spiky pop music. Their album Burn White Hot is a display of how you can make things simple but still ridiculously good.

With that characteristic pop punk sound that bands like Blink 182 made famous, The Coastals don't stray to far from the coast with their sound excursions. A risk taking and experimental work this is not. What it is though is a straight ahead plug in, tune in and let her rip kind of album. Burn White Hot has no over dubs, no pro-tools, no digital editing just three chords played by three people with a sweet as candy delivery. They are very good at what they do and Burn White Hot is a great record for what it is.

Originality isn't something Burn White Hot has a lot of, but it does have some infectiously good songs that are written so well they are nigh impossible to forget. See, "Stormy Weather," or the slightly hilarious "Rich Kid At The Bar," for examples of just how good these guys can manipulate a few chords into something new and good. Enjoyable through and through Burn White Hot is far from a disappointment and shows that The Coastals are one or two steps away from knocking off Blink 182 as masters of pop punk.

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