Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Pallers Are Lost In A Sea Of Memories

Named after a suburb of the Swedish town of Ahus, Pallers is an interesting lot. Comprised of two members that have known each other for half their lives as friends, explored half of Europe together, hung out in clubs together, but never ever thought of forming a band together...until now.

Creating a fusion of their members interests, Pallers is a fascinating study in musical dynamics. Half of the duo nurtures a love for love for ambient, trip hop and electronica while the other is deeply involved in the world of pop. Pallers integrate these seemingly tricky components with such ease it almost seems like they aren't even trying. They turn this heady mix into something new and something of their very own. You can hear this beautiful fusion on their album The Sea of Memories.

Lush, velvety, and just about the most beautiful thing you'll hear, The Sea of Memories is like living in a dream that never ends. It's nearly symphonic approach to songs and it's ability to hypnotize with synths that sway and swoon and vocals that tell you things in your ear is completely entrancing. Pallers have released a non-chill out, chill out album that is so endearing it'll make your heart ache. This is absolutely gorgeous stuff that's sensuous and lavish and so much better than 90% of the synth pop that's out there.

From the yearningly romantic, "The Kiss," to the sparse and imaginative, "Tropical Fishbowl," Pallers have created a unique world where their imaginations construct sheets of ambiance that envelope pop songs and take them over. The Sea of Memories is unforgettable and brilliant and so longingly fragile that I'm afraid that too many listens may just break it. This is an album to treasure, to fall in love to and to never let go. Perfection.

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