Thursday, August 23, 2012

You'll Love This Theme Park

I love theme parks. I've been an annual passholder at Walt Disney World since I was twelve years old and have also become a passholder at Universal…But Wax was the first thing I've heard from this Theme Park and I have to admit I was impressed. Their five song EP has a remarkable similarity to the more mellow Franz Ferdinand moments and I swear that their singer could very well be Alex Kapranos. The dude has such a similarity to Alex that it can't help but make you wonder. Anyway, if you can imagine his baritone voice hovering over atmospheric and angular pop music you kind of get where this Theme Park are coming from and where they’re headed.

Wax is a really good EP and the more I listen to it the more I find myself liking it. The record has this kind of worldly feel to it with enough 80's revivalism and all sorts of other sounds pulsating throughout to make it arty, catchy, and intriguing. I'm sure it's all done with keyboards but the songs just sound cool and with hints of steel drums popping up now and again it's like Theme Park recorded this record while on holiday…In a theme park. The four originals that appear here all hint at a band on the verge of something unique and fun while the Kitsune remix that wraps the whole thing up sets the dance floor alight with an indie dance smash hit waiting to be unleashed. If this Theme Park had an annual pass I'd pick it up because I enjoyed my stay and hope to return again soon.

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