Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Eastbound & Down Get Soundtracked

Easily one of the funniest and, uh, rudest TV shows right now is Eastbound and Down. The show is rude, crude, and funny as heck but who knew there was a soundtrack to it? I certainly didn't, but thanks to the fine folks at the show and Fat Possum Records there is and it features not one but two discs of garage rock, hip hop, and enough dialogue to make you feel like you're listening to the show.

The set is ridiculously good and in fact I might say that it's upended the show as being the better of the two. While the show is funny and raunchy, the soundtrack is pure gold featuring lots of unheard of, unearthed jams, and songs that just generally kick a little butt. This is awesome stuff all around and half the fun of listening to this thing is imagining the scenes from the show that involve the tracks or should involve the tracks.

From The Black Keys, to Lil' Whyte to The Animals and MC5 there's such a treasure trove of tunes that it will take some time to sort through it all but it’s worth it trust me. HBO and Fat Possum have knocked it out of the ball park here with this soundtrack. What a great companion piece to an already great show. While most soundtrack albums are just a lot of fluff, Eastbound and Down spares no expense at digging out classics from blues, garage, rock and roll, and hip hop. This is an essential record even if you don't like the show or have never watched it, the music is fantastic and as I've might just be better than the actual show itself.

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