Thursday, August 9, 2012

MaddJazz's Windy City Chronicles

MaddJazz's latest EP Windy City Chronicles is a breezy house record packed with nearly thirty minutes of floor filling, hands throwing, feet moving jams. A blinding tech-house record, the five tracks that make it up are absolutely massive tunes and are so incredibly catchy that they might just never leave your mind.

Packed with repetitive, mind numbing samples, synth stabs and steady pounding beats, Windy City Chronicles is a non-stop electronic battle weapon that any self respecting DJ should have in his box. Add in a series of killer (non-wobbly) bass lines and you have a solid record that shows MaddJazz to be one of the finest producers working the decks today. From the appropriately titled, "Bass Drop," and "Keep Ya Hands Up," to the full on minimal techno mayhem of "So Seductive," Windy City Chronicles will seduce your ears and feet whether you want it to or not. An essential single without a doubt MaddJazz has done Chicago proud.

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