Tuesday, August 21, 2012

She Makes War Wages Little Battles

She Makes War is another example of what one person can do, given enough time, creativity, and savvy. This one woman band headed up by Laura Kidd isn't as aggressive as the name would suggest but rather will remind some of more recent works by PJ Harvey. Her album Little Battles was recorded shortly after the Hackney Riots in London last year and is a tense record that protests quietly while finding beauty in unusual places. It is a very cool record and features as much melancholy as it does genius.

Little Battles at times reminds me of classic 90's girl fronted alternative bands like Goya Dress, Echobelly, and the aforementioned PJ. She Makes War creates this very arty, diverse, and intriguing landscape in which her songs roam. The songs are most definitely indie spirited but diverse enough to included loads of quirky instrumentation like Uke, autoharp, melodica, recorders, saxophone and even field recordings. Laura Kidd displays a level of artful pop prowess that very rarely makes an appearance in today's scene and that alone is reason enough to like her. Little Battles is a thought provoking study in contrasts and mixes the dark with the light, beauty with ugly, heavy with light. It's fun to listen to and Kidd's voice has this classic feel to it that reminds me of so many great artists that it makes me think she'll someday soon be part of that crowd.

Little Battles was recorded at a dark point in British society and yet it offers a glimmer of hope. Its songs are delicate yet tough, ethereal yet solid and Laura Kidd does and excellent job of constructing these songs. This is a classic girl fronted indie record that leans towards being ingenious and resourceful. And how can it not be, She Makes War is Laura Kidd at her best. Optimistically looking back at the past She Makes War’s Little Battles is truly an album for our time.

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