Monday, August 6, 2012

Our Lives Are Out Of Place

The power of Coldplay is inescapable. They're rapidly becoming like Mickey Mouse and Coke. No matter where you go in the world people know who they are. They're that it's really no surprise that their sound and influence has trickled down to every corner of the globe including Bjork's home turf of Iceland.

Reykjavik based Our Lives is the latest band to tap into that over emotive and emotionally draining but absolutely massive pop sound. Their latest EP, Out Of Place is the definition of epic pop music with songs so stadium sized that the Rose Bowl could barely contain them. The songs on this thing are absolutely gargantuan and so ridiculously emotional that you'll need a box of tissues at arm’s length while listening to them. Needless to say Our Lives are fantastic at what they do. They're songs soar towards the heavens and get there. It's all ethereal, unearthly, and gripping stuff that will have girls swooning with open arms. Out Of Place is good stuff and after five songs I'm drained from listening to it all...this is one band where I can say, I don't know if I'm ready to handle an LP from them; my psyche might not be able to take it. Anyway, if you're not heartbroken or depressed pick this up and weep openly with pride. If you are heartbroken, or seeing a psychiatrist...stay the heck away otherwise you'll need therapy (or more of it).

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