Thursday, August 9, 2012

Christian Strobe Loves Without Love

Christian Strobe has made quite a name for himself over the last year. From his remixes of M83 and Arcade Fire setting the blogosphere on fire to being asked to remix Katy Perry the guy has just about seen and done it all except release his own material. That's where Love Without Love comes into play. Filled with three original tunes and three reworks/edits the single has something for everyone to current house/electro styles to classic 80's synths it's all here and it's getting sweaty.

Strobe clearly knows his way around his equipment and has no shortages of ideas when it comes to constructing massive tunes. From using piano house influences, trancy synths, catchy choruses and four to the floor drums it's all here and used with scientific like precision. The three originals are all floor packing anthems that should be gargantuan hits. In listening to these tunes, "Love Without Love," "Nighthawk," and "Helen" it’s easy to see why he's getting phone calls from people like Katy Perry; he's a one man hit making machine. While some of the re-works and edits really don't do anything for me, ("Radio Edit," and "Instrumental Club Mix") the "Classic Version" of the title track is worth the price of the single alone; think 80's synths, piano house chords and the like and you have a hit covered in fluro.

If you're looking for a summer anthem you don't ever want to forget, find Love Without Love. An excellent single it proves that Christian Strobe is one producer that's got to be reckoned with. The only question remains is if there are more tunes like this on a hard drive just waiting to be unleashed? One can only hope.

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