Wednesday, August 15, 2012

It's A Musical For Years and Years

It's a Musical is not an all singing, all dancing Broadway production. Rather It's A Musical is a quirky Germanic duo who play cuddly, twee, and quite good indie pop. Their sophomore album For Years and Years is a synthy and sugary treat that has summer written all over it. Taking the Mates of State template of duo-rock and giving it a little Teutonic flair, It's A Musical use the organ and drums as a huge part of their songs and songwriting and it gives the band a unique sound as that's carefree and frivolous without the use of one single jangly guitar.

For Years and Years is fantastic. This is pop music that's breezy, carefree, and totally in love with being a pop record. It's A Musical are an energetic little group that waste no time or energy on For Years and Years and as a result this is a giddy indie pop record with danceable gems, skippy tunes, memorable choruses; the whole she-bang. It's like a Barcelona record on a German slant with Mates of State influences everywhere. Boy/girl harmonies sidle next to each other, organs soar, horns chime in, and hearts melt as It's A Musical work their way through the twelve tracks here.

For Years and Years is easily one of my favorite indie pop records of 2012. It is light hearted, cheery, and the sort of thing that's guaranteed to lift your spirits when you’re down in the dumps. The world needs more bands like It's A Musical. In fact, it could use a whole bunch of them right now.

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