Monday, August 20, 2012

Behold Evans The Death

The simple joys of C86 lives on twenty five years after its origin thanks to bands like Evans The Death. Despite having a rather wonky name taken from Dylan Thomas, this group of young Brits have listened to enough Flatmates records and Tallulah Gosh singles to come up with something, while obviously invested in past pop glory is, blazing a new trail into the future. Their self titled album is a fizzy, jangly, noisy indie pop treat that's like the best thing that never came out in 1987.

With a unique vocal style that's somewhere between Nico, proper singing and a shyness that is criminally vulgar, Katherine Whitaker gives each song a beautiful arty slant that's a joy to listen to. In fact, most of Evans of Death is a joy to listen to. The albums effervescence, noisy guitars, and gorgeous vocals make for one heck of a summer record. This is proper indie pop music that had me digging through my old records looking for classics when I finished with it. This is like the Vivian Girls if they were British or your Sarah Records collection smashed's shy, shuffly, and frenetic and very good.

They might be younger than the actual C86 cassette tape but you'd never know it. Evans The Death are lost in time but somehow found their way to 2012. This is a good thing as the record they've released is an instant fizzy pop classic. They don't make them like this anymore or least not much and we have Evans The Death for keeping the torch lit and burning brightly. Easily one of my faves of the year, Evans The Death is brilliant pop music every self respecting indie kid should own.

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