Thursday, August 9, 2012

Time To Move To The Beach House

Wow...has Beach House come a long way from their humble beginnings. This is a band so enraptured, so lost in the haze, so dreamy they may never wake up or find their way out of their apparent catatonic state. Their new album seems to be appropriately titled Bloom in the sense that not only is it beautiful but an blossoming of sound from a band constantly growing. Bloom is the state of dream pop today and it's in a good spot as Beach House proves throughout this record.

With soaring vocals, chiming and crystalline guitars, slowly moving drums and a sense that the sun is perpetually in a state of rising; Bloom is the sound of getting up every morning in a Groundhog Day kind of way. This is ethereal, heavenly, unearthly stuff and might just very well be the sound of angels singing and playing together in heaven. It's stunningly gorgeous stuff that will leave you in awe. While not like dream pop of old, Bloom is a progression of the genre and Beach House see fit to sleepwalk the sound and style forward. This is all very otherworldly and yet despite it's hazy feel the songs still have hooks within them and have bits and bobs that your ears won't soon forget. The guitars tend to chart the songs course and then everything follows them but does so in fine fashion. There's nothing difficult or even bad about this album.

Bloom is so good that somewhere right now the Cocteau Twins are going, "These kids get it." Beach House is fantastic at what they do and they've bloomed into something mightily awesome. If you're into the whole gazing/dreampop revival thing this has got to be one of the best records of the year. Its shimmery songs, gauzy guitar work, and feeling of the angels surrounding you while you listen can't be beat. Beach House is one place you'll want to settle down in and never leave.

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