Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Turing Machine Know The Meaning

Ever wondered what the engine of your car sounded like underneath the hood as you go 130 mph across any great open space? I think I've discovered the sound and it just happens to be created by the oddly appropriately named Turing Machine. This group of instrumentalists crank out the jams that will get your motor running, your brain pumped and you lead foot planted firmly on the ground. Their album What Is The Meaning is a hefty forty minute workout of down tuned guitars, distortion pedals, driving rhythms and a touch of the impending apocalypse.

Turing Machine is like Trans Am if they didn't go all Miami Vice or turn into complete robots. Like their counterparts, Turing Machine use electronics, guitars, anything available to them to convey the atmosphere the band is hoping to achieve with each song. Some songs sound like a drag race others sound like a Dalek patrol on a mission to exterminate The Doctor. Its awesome cold, harsh, and epic stuff that's perfect for your imagination to create tales of science fiction to. From throbbing synths, godly guitar solos, danceable beats and bass lines that pound your head into the ground Turing Machine has it all. They take all that and then combine it into this Voltron like instrumental concoction which pulsates with precision and a coolness that's practically lethal.

They may not use a single vocal to convey their message, but Turing Machine doesn't have to because their vistas, landscapes, and panorama's paint a perfect picture for your mind’s eye. What Is The Meaning is the sound of the end. If the Mayan's(and Cancerman) were correct then December 2012 has it's UFO invasion soundtrack..And it's awesome music to save our planet to. Turing Machine may sound like an engine humming at the peak of performance because it has to...saving the planet on the run or playing in a chaotic band isn't an easy job.

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