Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Chains Of Love Are Tough To Break

The Chains of Love are a hard bond to break. Wrapped up in your arms and twisted in your thoughts, they're almost inescapable. Oh...and so is the band of the same name. This garage, retro tinged group write songs as if they were the Pipettes in a fight with Vivian Girls on a beach in California. Their latest EP Strange Grey Days is a surfy, jangly, twangy gorgeous record that's so poptastic you can almost feel the handclaps across your face. The songs on this short but sweet record are loaded with organ riffs, echoy guitars, soaring heartbroken vocals, and twisterella-like grooves. It's all heavenly pop that is broken hearted as any band with the name of Chains of Love should be.

Despite the name Strange Grey Days is the sound of summer. This record is the sound of summer love, days at the beach, car chases through the mountains, life in the 50's or 60's, going back to school and knowing that it's all going to come crashing to an end. It's awesome stuff and I'm thankful that we get seven songs of this brilliant twangy stuff to fall in love with because as I said, breaking the chains of love is tough but after listening to Strange Grey Days why would you ever want to?

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