Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Time For A Little Illdotlogic

Having never been satisfied with the status quo, Illdotlogic defies the last word of his name. This Jacksonvillian doesn't seem to know what the word genre means and apparently refuses to learn it. His album Dreams In Stereo is a non-stop genre bending exploration of beats, guitars, lyrical play, and the ability to take songs where you least expect them. Recording of his album began here in 2009 but relocated to Atlanta in 2010 where he wound up finishing the recording. Utilizing folks from Duval for hip hop influences as well as Paul Lipinski, whose worked with Yellowcard, the album has Duuuuval stamped all over it.

While that might be a detriment, Illdot turns it into a strength as Dreams In Stereo is literally all over the place. Mixing indie with electro, hip hop, big beat and anything else that tickles his fancy, Illdot uses sounds as a palette to paint a picture that's moving and emotionally invested. Dreams In Stereo is melodic and incredibly catchy. He might blend genres in a blender but it all goes down smooth and it all works. Dreams In Stereo is a tasty electronic exploration that's guaranteed to get hearts racing and feet shuffling.

With a diverse instrumental palette, a variety of melodic approaches, and no fear when writing songs, Illdotlogic creates songs that weave around ballads, club bangers, rock and roll, atmospheric jams, and hip hop beats. Dreams In Stereo might be dreaming, but it's a lucid and active dream that refuses to stop thinking. This is an album and an artist who has a treasure trove of ideas and repeated listens reveals more and more. Dreams In Stereo is more than a hip hop record, it's an exploration of sound and I think that's why I'm a fan of IlldotLogic. While everyone knows who Astronautilis is and who The Black Kids were, IlldotLogic might just be Jax's best kept secret.

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