Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Bam Spacey Slides Away

Bam Spacey's single Vi Delar Samma Grav is a mouthful just to say so thank the lord it's such a brilliant and easy single to latch on to. This super deep, uber chilled house single is an exploratory and atmospheric journey into the joys of minimalism. With elements of ambient, dub, techno, microhouse and straight up chill out Bam Spacey constructs ethereal, dreamy tunes that float on clouds and elevate listeners into a higher state of consciousness.

The four songs that make up Vi Delar Samma Grav are optimistic, relaxed, and utterly gorgeous and there's not a duff moment amongst them all. In fact, it's nearly a spiritual experience as gentle voices waft in and out while synth washes overtake you and the chilled vibes slowly slide you away on a groove into eternity. It's truly awesome stuff. Exploratory, hopeful, and opulent Vi Delar Samma Grav is a stroke of genius that will be on my turntable for ages.

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