Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Empires of Eden Channel The Infinite

Empires of Eden defines what it means to be heavy metal. I'm not talking hair metal here; I'm talking foot on the monitor wailing away METAL! Their most recent album Channeling The Infinite is quite possibly the best proper metal album I've heard since Iron Maiden's Seventh Son of a Seventh Son. Yes, it's that good, so don your leather and denim and let’s rock.

Empire of Eden are the kind of band who crank up the amps to eleven, tune the guitars down, speed things up and just go. There's no slow build up, no drama, no fluff just face melting guitar heroics, speedy and precise drums, Steve Harris like bass playing and vocals from a variety of singers that can and should probably be shattering glass. Channeling The Infinite is power metal the way it was meant to be played and it is amazing. The songs here are tighter than a fat guy in skinny jeans, they've got more riffs in them than most bands do in their discography and when it's all blended together this is the next best thing to having Bruce Dickinson and Eddie over for dinner. Using a variety of vocalists throughout may seem a bit disjointed and a potential disaster but it works for Empires of Eden because it allows the rest of the band to vary their approach, speed, and style for each howler. Nothing on Channeling The Infinite doesn't work, period. The bevy of vocalists gives the band more power and the vocalists themselves give the songs a furious wrath of epic proportions.

Channeling The Infinite is an awesome record. There's simply not one thing wrong with this album. Even the fact that the band is all over the place with regards to a vocalist cannot stop the onslaught of metallic power this band possesses. If you love hook laden guitar slaughtering, vocal gymnastics, and a lot of songs about time, the end of the world, and monarchies struggling for control Empires of Eden may have just written you favorite new album for the next twenty years. Simply put Channeling The Infinite is a classic in the making.

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