Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Tyburn Saints, You, and I In Heaven

Tyburn Saint's single You & I In Heaven is a dramatic sweeping affair that's filled with ethereal riffs, baritone vocals, broken hearts and a feeling that life is hard. And yet despite sounding like White Lies if they were more depressed, the songs here are incredibly beautiful. You & I In Heaven is like listening to the most depressing yet uplifting thing you've ever heard. These are the sort of songs that will make you weep in your hands and then dust yourself off and move on because you have to. It's a dose of tough love in the form of pop music and it's fabulous.

Tyburn Saints so easily create sweeping, soaring guitar riffs that they would seem to be processed through every pedal Robin Guthrie owns. The songs are then driven home with solid drumming and those deep resounding vocals that lie somewhere between Peter Murphy and heaven. It's a rarity to hear something that's this dramatic and it not be goofy, but Tyburn Saints tap into some fantastic songwriting and elevate the songs skywards. There are only four tracks here but to be honest I don't think I'm ready to handle eight or ten so You & I In Heaven is ok by me being what it is. Fully in touch with its inner goth while having an affair with post shoegazing guitar dynamics and a desire to reach the pearly gates, Tyburn Saints are onto something magical and beautiful and it's the sort of thing that cries out to be heard and it should be.

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