Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Nick Waterhouse Is Lost In Time

Ok, before I get started with this review let me go check my calendar. I want to make sure it's not 1968...darn it, it isn't. While it might be 2012 in all actuality someone has clearly forgotten to tell Nick Waterhouse and quite honestly they should never, ever, give him the update. Nick Waterhouse is an artist lost in a time warp and we're all the benefits of that warp as his record Time's All Gone apparently was recorded by Holland, Dozier and Dozier in a Motown Studio about 44 years ago. What's crazy about all of that is that Nick Waterhouse isn't even 26 years old yet and here he is lost in the sound of classic rock and roll and soul.

Time's All Gone is amazing. It's timeless , garagey, soulful stuff that grooves and grooves hard. This is R&B the way it was meant to be. No touchy, lovey dovey, ballads just funky soulful grooves that would level a Northern Soul dance floor given half the chance. This is the sound of Memphis soul run through Detroit and then brought bang out of date through the magic of technology or the lack there of it. Asif to prove that point the thing was recorded in joyous mono on to tape using the same Gold Star Studios lathe that Phil Spector and the Beach Boys once used. This is authentic stuff with an attention to detail that is second to none and it’s awesome. The quality and heart sunk into this record is evident on every song on Time's All Gone.

Waterhouse is an incredible artist whose love of the classics is amazing. His astute level of detail, songwriting and authenticity stands out like a sore thumb. Time's All Gone is absolutely stunning stuff that feels old, sounds old, and isn't old but still kicks butt. Waterhouse has outdone just about every other soul revivalist out there with the release of Time's All Gone. If you put him and Sharon Jones on the same stage together...well that could very well be heaven. Time's All Gone is an essential record that any self respecting fans of soul and rock and roll needs to have within their collection.

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