Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Maya Jane Coles Gets Her DJ Kicks

Maya Jane Coles is a DJ/producer you might not have heard of but she is someone you need to have heard of. This East Ender has just unleashed the latest in the K7 DJ Kicks series and I've got to tell you it is an awesome mix that's got top notch tunes that even includes two of Maya's own. Having spent some time driving around with this record, it’s obvious that the girl knows tech/house almost too well and then just for the heck of it even finds a way to mix in a few garage vibes on top of it all. The result is a nonstop booming mix that's energetic, up front, and very, very good.

Featuring twenty-two tracks in a non-stop expertly mixed frenzy of peak hour tunes, this is the sound of tech house coming straight out of the clubs into your living room. Her selection is flawless and the tunes are gigantic. This is one DJ Kicks album that's worth many, many listens and is so enthusiastically blended to perfection, that it's no wonder fans have been clamoring for it for months. Even her two original tracks are banger's and shows Maya's ability both behind and in front of the decks. About the only negative thing you could say about this record is that she should have spent less time behind the decks and more time in the studio producing more original material; that’s what we really want!

As it stands though, Maya Jane Coles turn behind the DJ Kicks helm is phenomenal. She's a star and you can hear why on each of the 22 tracks on this record. This is your next party soundtracked to suit your every need. Now, if Maya could just find her way into the studio to give us 22 tracks of her own that would be some serious DJ Kicks!

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