Thursday, August 9, 2012

Herzog Enjoys Cartoon Violence

I'll be the first to admit, when I saw the name mind went straight to Whitey Herzog and his famed career with the Cards. Some of you artier types might even thing of Werner Herzog...But alas the band Herzog is an indie rock band from that tourism capital of the world...Cleveland. After listening to their album Cartoon Violence I think it can be safely said that there is no doubt that Cleveland rocks.

Coming at Cartoon Violence with a retro 80's, Stiff Records power pop attack, Herzog create jumpy, pogotastic tunes that are energetic and sugary sweet. To say that Cartoon Violence is anything but great would be an understatement as every tune on the record is instantly accessible and mind numbingly memorable. Guitars chop their way through riffs, drums march onward, and the vocals shout in a melodious way and when it all comes together it's the way pop music should be...hyper, catchy, and good. These guys have a strong degree of retro-futurism pulsating throughout their songs and it's that old-time 80's power pop feel that really makes this all click.

I've really enjoyed listening to Cartoon Violence. Its sense of the past is spot on and even when they try modernizing what they do, you can still hear that Stiff Records influence. These guys have created a set of songs that kick butt and take no prisoners. Their chunky riffs and catchy shouts give every song a shot of adrenalin that takes Cartoon Violence to pop Babylon!

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