Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Attaque Knows When Light Falls

Holy heck folks, Attaque's new album When Light Falls is so mind numbingly good that I really don't even want to write this review but sit in a room and just listen to this record. Taking techno and ramping it up a few notches, Attaque have created an album of epic bangerness that rages harder than a group of steroided up MMA fighters. This is the sort of record that plans to have its way with you whether you want it to or not. It's a massive electronic battle weapon and it's poised to lay waste to dance floors worldwide.

Taking a minimal amount of synths, a mind numbing manipulation of beats and a general sense of disorder, Attaque plans its moves via huge build ups and simple but deadly hooks. All in all it's crazy, mayhemic, and really very good. Attaque builds his tunes with a degree of metallic, minimal precision that should be admired by everyone. His ability to take so little and make it sound like so much is a tribute to his ability to make his machines do things they probably shouldn't. When Light Falls as a result of all this tinkering, sparseness, and songwriting is a killer record.

Attaque has knocked it out of the ballpark here. When Light Falls is an amazing clangy masterwork of techno tomfoolery. The songs are buzzsaw-like, the hooks are huge, and the power of this record to send you back to the Stone Age is ridiculous. As some has stated previously..."prepare to be pummeled."

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