Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Beataucue Can't Slow Down

First off, I just want to say thank you to Kitsune Records. Amazingly with the destruction of dance music by dubstep and "electro house," Kitsune has never strayed from making redonkulously fantastic electro the way it should be made. They know how to pick 'em, know how to record 'em and know how to melt a dance floor with ease. As if to prove the point Beataucue's single, Slow Down is an absolute monster of a tune.

Featuring the vocals of Kenzie May and wrapping them in a sensuous throbbing poptastic electro blanket the song is absolutely golden. The vocals are crisp and irresistible and the synth work here is so hot that it might just melt your Ipod. This is a monster of a proper electro tune and has so much pop blood flowing through it, the thing should be a hit everywhere. It's kind of like every Dragonette/Martin Solveig team up; Beataucue have that cute but sexy thing down and knock it out of the park with hooks the size of Jupiter.

If you add in the five other mixes here you have one heck of a single that's destined to keep DJ's smiling and dance floor's rocking. Featuring remixes from Japanese Popstars, Adrian Lux, Yelle DJs, and DWNTWN there's no shortage of uber high quality re-workings here. Of the four superstar remixes I'm going to have to say that the Japanese Popstars remix is my favorite face melter; dark-ish with a super familiar throbby synth riff it's the kind of thing that could be used for mind control.

Slow Down is a slice of electro perfection. It's embraced it's inner pop demons and run with them all the way to the dance floor. You can't get much better than this tune and this is easily my favorite single at the moment.

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