Monday, August 6, 2012

Lissy Trullie Is Unique

Aside from reminding me of Kristen Dunst, Lissy Trullie is a super cool singer who takes the mean edges of New York gives them a feminine touch and winds up sounding something like Karen O, and Siouxsie lost in Brooklyn. Her self-titled album is a spiky record filled with edgy melodies, intimate moments, open hearted lyrics, and a cool as beep attitude. This is the sound of the city, the sound of the night, the sound of a mass of people on the move with an attitude about them all. It's a bit rough, a bit dirty but always cool and it's impossible not to like.

That being said, Lissy Trullie is cool. You can tell that just from the pictures on the album. She's hip, she's chic, but she's so much more. Her voice is this sort of deep-ish dramatic thing that coats her songs with this heavy syrupy feel that's so easy to listen to and gives her songs this windswept and exotic feel to them. The songs sound huge and her voice is surrounded by a bevy of instrumentation that gives her voice and tunes this diverse bohemian feel to them that could only come from a place like New York.

Channeling her influences and manipulating them into something all her own I think helps Lissy stand out. While she's obviously come up with her own approach and her voice is truly special, one can still pick up on songs that sound like the Velvet Underground, the YYY's, Pretenders, the Banshees and the like. When all combined, it makes for one heck of a unique sound. This is a massively entertaining record. She may be a girl with a guitar but it's what she does with it that will leave you in awe. This is a very good debut record and the sort of thing that’s highly recommended.

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