Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Adestria Writes A Chapter

Adestria are one heck of a band. Brutal to the point of being nearly cruel but still strangely melodic, this is a band that seems to hover in some sort of metallic purgatory that they can't find their way out of. Their latest album, Chapters is among the best combinations of pure death metal, grind, and screamo I've ever heard. To say it's awesome would be a severe understatement.

Recorded in what must have been the ninth layer of hell, Adestria creates absolutely pummeling riffs that are so sharp they've injured themselves on them. These are songs that slice through flesh with alarming efficiency and torture those that manage to hang on from their assault. These guys are relentless and when you add in their multi-genre vocal attack the whole thing is just ridiculous to the point of obscenity. These guys are amazing at what they do and how they manage to sound like they are being drawn through a meat processing plant and then be completely calm and harmonious is beyond my comprehension. It's a site and sound that must be heard.

With grinding riffs, machine gun attack-like drums, and vocals that have no idea what a larynx is Adestria are masters at what they do. This is an entity of sheer terror and Chapters is a story of brutality served ten times over. This isn't classic death metal, but it's good enough to entertain old head bangers like me...so it has to be good.

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