Thursday, August 23, 2012

Scuola Furano Is On Fire

Probably the hardest thing to understand about Scuola Furano's latest single is how to pronounce Scuola Furano. That's a name, let me tell you. Anyway, as for his single On Fire it's an absolute mind warping experience. On Fire is pure piano driven house music that is about as perfect as perfect can be. This is the sort of single that throwing your hands up in the air as if you didn't care was designed for.

Euphoric, atmospheric and loaded with piano build ups, diva vocals, and 4/4 beats this is an absolute masterpiece of discofied Italiano house. The song is slinky, sexy, moving and is the sort of thing that's impossible not to move to. With the original mix leading the way, the single is backed up by a ridiculously amazing rework by the Glimmers that takes piano house to heaven and back. Herr Styler on the other hand chills the tune out, dubs it up, and makes it sound like something completely different in a near ethno-techno kind of way. And finally, the 303 Dub gives it this electro-ish, echo laden dubbed out disco odyssey that inserts squiggles and acid house inflections instead of blatant piano stabs; it works out pretty well and is the longest track here.

Scuola Furana is truly On Fire here. He's blown me away here so much so, I need to hear everything this guy has done and play an hour set of just his tunes. On Fire is house goodness that's just about one of the best things I've heard this year.

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