Thursday, August 9, 2012

Heaven Releases A Record

Heaven's latest single, the oddly enough titled Heaven 7" features two songs of half awake dream pop that seem to waft by without raising much of a fuss. Both the A and B-side of the single are stellar performances and contain enough mind numbing ethereal guitar work to hypnotize all who listen. The A-side, "Move Mountains," is almost the closest thing to the Mary Chain's "Just Like Honey," I've heard in a while. The tune has that sense of heartbroken desperation pulsating through it and the song just kind of floats along like it. On the flip things are a bit more repetitive but none-the-less brilliant. "Falling Apple," is a bit easier to latch on to because of a riff that repeats into infinity and never leaves your memory. It's good stuff.

Heaven is an awesome little record that hints at how great this band is and how amazing an album would be from them. Here's hoping they take a little time away from heaven to record a bunch more songs that sound as otherworldly and as good as these. Heaven is an awesome band and I guess that's to be expected when you name your band after the place with the pearly gates up there in the clouds.

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