Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Infiction Can Fly

Los Angeles based electronic music producers Infiction are back yet again with another single that's packed with enough mind numbing progressive house to destroy a dance floor and then some. The single, entitled You Can Fly, is the sort of thing you'll believe you can actually do after letting the single hypnotize you into submission. This is a huge tune in the truest sense in the word and has so much big room potential that it’s impossible to calculate. The song is so large that if you were to look up huge tune in the Penguin Guide to Bangers you'd see Infiction listed next to the definition; and that's just the A-side.

B-side, "I Need You," is just as epic as the A-Side except that it's a little darker with a detached diva vocal leading the way. A tad more atmospheric than the positivity and groove that lifts the title track it’s still very good stuff. These guys so easily combine commercial house influences with an underground vibe that the results are songs that are inescapably catchy and undeniably danceable. Perhaps a bit like Moby circa, "Go," You Can Fly has that big room deep vibe that's uplifting, euphoric but still slightly edgy. It's excellent stuff all around and leaves you wanting more. If Infiction could just put aside their lucrative soundtracking projects for a year they could write and record and album and subsequently rule the progressive house world.

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