Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Warner Drive Rocks

Warner Drive is an interesting band that I know next to nothing about. Sounding like a cross between Epitaph punk, Guns n' Roses, Motley Crue, and LA trashy rock and roll they kind of grind out tunes in a rather lascivious manner that may or may not be legal. Their album K-Go! is an intriguing record because the whole thing is set up to sound like some sort of pirate radio-station. It's a novel idea that makes it seem like these guys took over your radio and plopped themselves down at the Mighty K-Go Radio.

With a loose concept surrounding this radio station and including interesting things like commercial breaks, in-studio interviews and non-stop blocks of music in between, if you weren't paying attention you'd swear it actually was a radio show. It kind of plays tricks with your brain as it turns it all up to eleven, cranks it up and just rock's the heck out. With power chords bouncing off other power chords, whiskey swilling vocals shattering glass, and a driving rhythm section swerving all over the LA Freeway system this is a record of fast driving, hard living rock and roll and it's all pretty good stuff. With the band's collective face down in the gutter, when given the chance the band scrapes itself up and just resumes it's train wrecking rock and roll excursion into chaos.

K-Go! is a hard rocking good time that takes early 90's metal and fuses it with more current trends to create something that sounds even more self-destructive. Complete with band interviews, segues, fake announcers and enough rock and roll to kill a man, K-Go! is a fun ride through the dark side of town. K-Go! is a great hard rock/metal record that's sure to appeal to anyone who ever thought LA was the center of the universe in the 80's.

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