Thursday, August 23, 2012

Captain Of The Swedish Team Is Nuts

As the Captain of the Swedish Team one would think it would be their responsibility to control the chaotic nature of their team, however after listening to Brand New Skinny Ghost they seem to have lost the control altogether. This band of muso nutters are about the furthest thing away from control or organization as one could get. Instead they take math rock run it through a post rock calculator and come up with something that sounds like their instruments being pulled apart at the same time.

Brand New Skinny Ghost is essentially two tracks book ended by an intro and outro that aren't much more than just that. The actual two tracks are prime examples of making guitars do things they're not supposed to be able to do while they drone on. They're steered through this minefield of chaos by bashed drums and the odd vocals that attach themselves and plod along. It's all very noisy and reckless stuff that sounds destructive and all over the place. It might not be the catchiest thing you'll hear but to just listen to Captain of the Swedish Team do what they do is intriguing and makes Brand New Skinny Ghost well worth a listen...with ear plugs.

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