Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Grass Widow Use Internal Logic

Remember how The Cribs used to go on about "proper Indie?" Well if you ever wondered what "proper Indie," is/was/or will be you should probably hang out with Grass Widow who not only knows the answer to that question, they have experience because they're living it. This three piece girl group is like The Flatmates or Shop Assistants if they were from San Francisco or the Vivian Girls if they were British. Their latest album Internal Logic defies it by turning back the clocks and cranking out the latest in c-86 revivalism.

Shambolic, post punky and spiky Grass Widow are a power trio with a pop song in their heart and an angularity in their guitars. Raw unfiltered bass lines carry the band into pop oblivion as guitar riffs angle their way in and Internal Logic sounds a bit like a garage rock indie pop record raised on surf tunes and Brian Wilson harmonies. It is shuffly stuff that's constantly jumping around and the spiky riffs that the Grass Widow's produce keep your ears perked up throughout. While there might not be an overwhelming amount of choruses to latch onto the guitar work really helps steer the songs along and makes them memorable. The raw unfiltered sound that this band generates while still keeping things poppy is truly impressive.

Internal Logic is an awesome record that's the most British thing that isn't British to come out of America this year. Sounding like a throwback to the days when Melody Maker, Sounds, and NME competed for readers Grass Widow sound as though they've been trapped in their garage for nearly 30 years. From "Milo Minute," to "Advice," and everything between this is proper indie and it's fantastic.

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