Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Next Men

JD Samson & MEN have been so consistently good since their inception I really feel like they've eclipsed Le Tigre as a band. Their debut album was in my Top 25 for 2011 and they've continually issued material that's just as good if not better than that album. Their latest single, Next EP, is no different.

While not quite as bangertastic as their album, the Next EP still packs a danceable punch. JD clearly has the knack for writing indie punk dance anthems and the three songs that make this record up are all instant hits. They might be a bit rough around the edges and a bit raw but they are driving electro beasts with devilish beats that more than make up for any lo-fidelity or tarnished edged found here. Next EP is three songs of sweaty fun that have a message with regards to the economy, apathy, protest, and hope; that’s a lot in under 15 minutes. You get all this action and a message? Why yes you do! It's as if it's fashionable and functional and that's awesome.

Four years in and a heap of records later MEN have truly made a name for themselves and stepped out from the shadow of Le Tigre. That's fantastic. And speaking of fantastic the Next EP is good synthy punk pop that probably will wind up again in my Top 25 this year.

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