Wednesday, August 15, 2012

I Heart Sharks In The Summer

No folks, it's not Shark Week on Discovery's just British band I Heart Sharks who are so vicious, deadly, and brutal that they've written a frivolous song to everyone's favorite time of the year, Summer. Aaaaaaah. Watch out. In all reality though, "Summer," is an absolutely killer tune of angular uptempo post synth pop. With a high degree of danceability, sinewy synths, and a darkish tinge the record goes for all right angles, easily memorable choruses and throbby rhythms and that's just the first tune.

Aside from the title track, Summer comes with a whole heap of remixes that covers a variety of styles that are all guaranteed to get the dance floor at your local club moving in one way or the other. From the electro mayhem of the Captain Capa Remix to the four to the floor face melting drum and bass rework of the Brazed remix, I Heart Sharks apparently like all kinds of dance music as well. There's not one duff mix amongst the four here and the whole single is wrapped up by the stunningly moving and aptly titled "Aerobics." Another synth stormer, the song proves that I Heart Sharks are a force to be reckoned with and that their ability to write dance floor devourers is almost second nature. These guys are good and this single only scratches the surface of just how good they are.

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