Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Soca Gold 2012

Soca Gold 2012 Collection is yet another spectacular compilation in the uber long running series. This is an absolutely killer one CD and one DVD set featuring eighteen of the hottest tropical tunes under the sun coming from every corner of the Caribbean this year plus music videos and live performances from Trinidad. Designed to pack out a dance floor and then some, The Soca Gold 2012 Collection is a rump shaking experience from the first note of disc one to the final note of DVD.

This is a compilation that proves that down in the Caribbean the heat never dissipates and the dancing never stops. Soca Gold 2012 Collection is the sound of an endless summer and the sound of Carnivale year round. With something for everyone and from so many different artists, Soca Gold 2012 Collection is impossible not to like even if you have no idea what Soca even is.

From Iwer George’s, "Jab (No Pain)," to Skinny Fabulous', "Rumble," this is a record that never stops moving and is overloaded with Afro-Caribbean and South American influences; in fact it's bursting with tropical flavor. Awesome in every aspect of the word this gargantuan record of grooves is the sound of the paradise on repeat. With us in the middle of the summer and stuck in the middle of nowhere, there's no better way to pretend to be somewhere else than with Soca Gold 2012 Collection.

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