Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Irene Jacob Melts Hearts

Irene Jacob should be known to many of you as an acclaimed French Actress but did you know she's also a singer as well? Teaming up with guitarist Francis Jacob the two sat down by the sea and began to write song. This is nothing new for the pair as they've known each other for decades as siblings, and lifelong friends who've shared apartments, games, and an intense love of jazz, film, and philosophy. It only made sense then that the pair took their love of all that and channeled it into something musical.

Known as Je Sais Nager the Jacob's together create a intimate, gentle, airy album that's a bit chanson, a bit jazz, and a bit folk music. Quiet and serene, the album is chilled to perfection and so utterly gorgeous that Irene may just be slightly prettier than the songs she's written. Je Sais Nager, which translated into English means I know how to swim, is mostly acoustic with just Francis strumming guitar along to Irene's fragile voice. Its beautiful stuff that's alluring and hypnotizing and Irene's vocals are so pretty you can't just help but be mesmerized by every word of French she says. For someone who has spent most of her career acting, it's nice to know that she's got an activity that will see her through retirement.

Je Sais Nager is a minimal work of exquisite songwriting. With slight vocals and guitar work to match, siblings Irene and Francis create a work of delicate pop that's easy on the ears and heart. You might not know what Irene is singing about, but as Eddie Murphy once pointed out, "everything in French sounds romantic." These could all be songs about the plague...but in Irene's hands they all sound beautiful and warm hearted. Je Sais Nager is a fantastic record that's alluring, seductive, and an absolute joy to listen to.

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