Thursday, August 23, 2012

Punks Jump Up Are Working Overtime

Punks Jump Up are back again and this time they're working overtime. The pan-European duo that make up Punks Jump Up have been on a roll for the last six years and their latest single Mr. Overtime is no let down. As per usual the Punks take electro and house and make something so poptastic out of them both that their songs become completely irresistible on the floor or behind the decks.

What's different this go around? Well, this time rather than handling the vocal duties themselves or even using them they bring in Mr. Chromeo himself, Dave 1, and let him run rampant. The result is a tune that sounds like an instant classic from the Chromeo camp and something that should have been on Business Casual. It almost makes sense then that the single is called Mr. Overtime. While it all reads very business oriented, it's not; trust me. Seductive, funky, and soulful grooves create enough dance floor action to keep your feet moving and when you throw in the steel drums, Dave's vocals, and the house inflected synths you have yet another slice of Punks Jump Up perfection. With a few b-sides and what not, the package is worth more than its weight in gold. At this point it is easy to say that these guys are amazing and that's because like Mr. Overtime...they're always working.

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