Monday, August 27, 2012

The Good Natured Are Watching You

This is a totally biased review as The Good Natured are one of my favorite bands at the moment. This British power trio is energetic, dark, and are incredible songwriters. Mixing Missing Persons like synth pop with a bit of edginess with a bit of lovelorness the The Good Natured writes odes to love that may make your heart race a bit or creep you out. Enter their latest EP Video Voyeur.

As the name would imply this is a stalkertastic kind of tune that so effortlessly mixes electro, synthpop and indie that the results are a single that's more infectious than ebola and as easy to remember as your abc's. The original mix is a slice of pop perfection that's impossible not to move around to in some form or another. It's driving beat, synths, and Sarah McIntosh's seductively sweet vocals are too much to ignore. Throw in four remixes to the already perfect original and you have an EP that will leave you sweaty and worn out. Featuring Adrian Lux, Cruelty, and Now Ceremony the single heads off in three directions at once. The Adrian Lux remix is by far the best of the bunch taking things in a bit more of an electro direction while still keeping Sarah's vocals up front. The Cruelty Remix takes things in a bit of a deeper direction and oddly enough attempts to turn Sarah's voice into this weird altered to protect the innocent male voice. It's bizarre to say the least. The No Ceremony Remix wraps things up with a chillwave/witch house remix that drags the whole song out and makes something already spooky even spookier.

Overall this thing is amazing. Video Voyeur hints at the greatness that's sure to follow on their debut album. That album is something I cannot wait for as these guys are just so impressive that whenever it comes out it will be my album of the year. As it stands now Video Voyeur is easily one of my Top 25 singles of the year.

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