Thursday, August 23, 2012

Fabric 63 Features Levon Vincent

Wow. I have no idea where I've been but I've apparently missed, a mind numbing 45 installments of the legendary DJ mix series Fabric Live. Now up to number 63 the things are outpacing the NOW series with the number of releases in their catalog. The difference here is that you'll want to own every Fabric Live CD ever released because they put the spotlight on the world’s greatest DJ talent and let them go nuts like the night is theirs at Fabric.

The sixty third installment of this series is handled by Levon Vincent who takes us on a sound excursion of bass, dub, and crazy rhythms. It's quite the excursion as the album is all over the place. Levon doesn't sit still for very long and over the course of 49 songs here he manages to mash so many genres and sounds together it's like mashed potatoes by the end. This is a hyper, skittish, yet excellently mixed record that keeps you guessing and keeps you moving. You never really get to settle into one sort of groove before Levon takes a sharp left and heads down another direction. It's truly awesome to behold because the song selection is great and his ability to slice and dice genres is impressive while still maintaining the flow at a constant level of energy.

From drum and bass to soul to everything in between Levon drops a song or two from each and slices it like a food processor into something else. It really shouldn't work, but Levon has enough skill to make it work and it's a fantastic listen. Sixty-three volumes in and Fabric Live proves why it's become such a long running franchise: the quality of the DJing is second to none. This series gives you a taste of what nights in London are like at the legendary club and at sixty three volumes that's a lot of dancing to experience if you can't make it over.

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