Sunday, November 13, 2011

White Lies Lose My Life

After starting way back in 2004 and releasing two singles as Fear of Flying in 2006, White Lies journey to being the British Breakthrough Artist of 2009 should come as no surprise. After Fear of Flying failed to take off, the band regrouped and headed in a completely different direction tapping into the traditional grey matter of British songwriting. Little did they know that this would be the best decision they would ever make.

Five years later after their start, White Lies debut album, To Lose My Life, stands to be one of the best British debut's in a long long time. Undoubtedly influenced by Echo and the Bunnymen, Joy Division and Editors, White Lies are a dark band with dark songs that somehow come alive with massive pop hooks. To Lose My Life is a gorgeous introspective record that's haunted by a massive pop sensibility and a self deprecating sense of existence. It's a paradox that might sound like it wouldn't work, but it works so well that the album has a repeatability factor of about 100. Call it goth lite, dramatic pop, or whatever but To Lose My Life is a fantastically addictive and catchy recording that deserves all the accolades heaped upon it. To Lose My Life is eternal; it's pop music for the great beyond; and that's a good thing.

With songs titled, "Death," "A Place To Hide," and "Nothing To Give," the phrase, "tough times demand tough songs," seems to be a perfect fit for White Lies. After listening to To Lose My Life is glaringly obvious that this three piece don't paint a pretty picture of the world around them and while that might sound horrible, that's half the band's charm. Here they are three glum Brits with songs that are far from happy and somehow they take all this doom and gloom and wrap it in a package loaded with songs that will linger long after you lose your life.

White Lies, might not be the happiest group of people around but they are a masterful group of musicians who have bided their time and are now poised to be gargantuan the world over. With their album To Lose My Life already a #1 album in the UK it's just about guaranteed. Here's hoping anyway.

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