Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Rangda's False Flag

Many centuries ago on the island of Java lived the witch queen Mahendradatta. When she was exiled from her kingdom for practicing her dark arts, she took revenge by using her witchcraft to spread chaos among the people. In defeat, she was transformed into Rangda, the demon queen of the leyaks. Rangda leads an army or witches in endless battle against Barong, the force of good to this day. If you listen closely, you can hear the sounds of this endlessly violent struggle on the album known as False Flag.

The sounds emanating from this record are the sounds of constant struggle, of destructive urges, of the apocalypse upon us. False Flagis the end of days, the world coming to a close and the band that goes by the name of Rangda have been chosen to herald this dark age with a fury and vindictiveness that will cause havoc, destruction, and death wherever they play. Violent, aggressive, and more than anything noisy, Rangda create a feedback drenched wall of destruction that's lethal to all who come across it. This is Rangda's vengeance and it is amazing.

False Flag is a chaotic frenzy of riffs that attack with urgency while bashed and battered drums explode in time to these catastrophic urges. It's not melodic in any sense of the word and when Rangda take a break from their relentless pursuit of slaughterous uneasiness, things do tend to get quiet for a brief respite before they are hurled back into the fray. This is an awesome instrumental album of pestilential madness that has a hard time coming to a close. Rangda's members, (Ben Chasny of Six Organs of Admittance, Richard Bishop, and Chris Corsano) when teamed together are the three musicians of the apocalypse and their convulsive attack on post rock is neverendingly impressive much like their songs.

Rangda has indeed gotten her revenge and it's name is False Flag. This is only the beginning of Rangda's march of conquest and terror. To ensure your future in the endless cosmos, march forward with the corces of Rangda and be spared. Failing to do will more than likely result in your untimely demise. You have been warned.

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