Sunday, November 27, 2011

Ceremonial New Order

Tribute albums are a dime a dozen nowadays. I think second to chill out and house compilations just about every famous band in the world has a tribute album. When it comes to a band like New Order there are no fewer than four seperate tribute albums right now. That means that if you're going to do a new tribute album, you've got to do something really well to make yourself stand out amongst the sea of not only artists paying tribute, but the original material as well. It's a daunting task, but thankfully for Ceremony it was a challenge it's contributors were up for.

Dedicated to Tony Wilson, featuring a sonically enhanced spoken word dedication from Peter Hook, and promising a portion of the proceeds being donated to The Salford Foundation Trust's Tony Wilson Awards, Ceremony certainly starts off on the right foot. The album, featuring 32 tracks (and 16 more digitally), comes complete with rare archival photos of New Order from famed photographer Kevin Cummins and a host of musicians paying tribute in all sorts of ways. With bands known and unknown making the cut, Ceremonyoffers a whole host of talent to pick and choose from. Overall the album is pretty decent and every band definitely puts their best foot forward; after all who wants to be known as the band that screws up a New Order song.

Artists such as trance masters Rabbit In the Moon, Jacksonville's own Sunbears!, indie popsters The Cloud Room, and a couple of kids (literally) who go by the names of Yes But No all make worthy contributions. It's awesome to sit and just listen to how these musicians interpret the massive number of songs here. While they might all be in bands, you get the sense while listening to Ceremony that so many of the people on this record are really fans first and then musicians second. Ceremonyis an aural labor of love put together with songs practically everybody who's ever danced since 1983 will know. All the hits are here, "Blue Monday," "Thieves Like Us," "Bizarre Love Triangle," "Ceremony," and loads more...there's 48 tracks after all. I'll put it this way, pretty much every hit New Order ever had makes an appearance here in some form or another.

While there might be loads of other Tributes to New Order out there, I think none have been put together quite as well as this. Heck, if you can get Peter Hook to appear on your album and he was IN New Order that's saying something. When you throw in the fact that the album is a charity album as well as a tribute album then you have something that's really a win, win for everyone involved. If you've ever loved New Order then I would highly suggest this album find it's way into your collection. Excellent stuff for an excellent cause in tribute to an excellent band and excellent man.

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