Friday, November 25, 2011

Mass Solo Revolt's Bend In Time

Mass Solo Revolt's album, Bend In Time, couldn't be more aptly named. Sounding something like Pavement beat over the head with a Cocteau Twins record and then brain washed by producer, Alan Moulder, Mass Solo Revolt sound like they manipulated the space time continuum and wound up in 2010 completely by accident. Whether or not this accident was intentional is irrelevant as it's great to have the best band from 90's not from actually from the 90's around.

Bend In Time is an interesting album that somehow manages to slam the artful swirly production of shoegazing with the overwhelming slacker mentality of proper indie rock and still manage to achieve something good. It really shouldn't work because the sounds are really from two different schools; one more fragile and the other more brash. But, as fate would have it, here they are whirling around one another like a dervish out of control somehow making sense. The surprising result of this is a noisy wall of guitars that bounce around like a superball while the vocals kind of sleepily carry on song after song as if they just don't care; slackerdom has been reborn with a glow.

Mass Solo Revolt were obviously influenced by the past and you can hear it in everyone of the songs on Bend In Time. This isn't a bad thing at all particularly right now because so few bands seem to be in love with classic indie rock. While the vocals could use some more sleep and perhaps range, much of Bend In Time is a fantastic RAWK experience with downtuned guitars, noisy lo-fi-ish production, and songs that really kind of just wander around until they're done. Bend In Time is a blast from past that isn't but it is really rather good. Confused? Put it this way, if you're waiting for the 90's non-grunge revival to start look to Mass Solo Revolt...they're the flag carriers. God Speed Mass Solo Revolt...God speed.

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