Friday, November 25, 2011

Lindstrom and Christabelle Know Real Life Is Not Cool

If Lindstrom's debut album was a spaced out trip into the further reaches of the galaxy, his latest album, Real Life Is No Cool, is a pit stop at the last space disco on the edge of the universe. Rather than have a go of it on his own, he teamed up with sultry vocalist Christabelle, Real Life Is No Cool and wound up with a pop album that's as sexy as it is chaotic and as glowing as it is hypnotic. Sounding something like one of those epic Moroder collaboration albums from 1979, Real Life Is No Coolis a glittery disco ball of a spaceship hovering around the galactic dancefloor waiting to make a move.

Originally started before his proper debut album, Where You Go I Go Too, Real Life Is No Cool is the exact opposite of everything that album is. Consisting of short pop songs with a seductive side it actually offers proper songs in contrast to the epic, ambient textures of Lindstrom's debut. While that album is an amazing record with just three songs, it seems as though Lindstrom hit his reverse stride with Real Life Is No Cool. By that I mean, rather than setting across the galaxy, this is a fantastic record that's draped in polyester and sequins and wants to boogie. The beats are slow and rolling and the songs are enchanting with whispered and breathy vocals that will leave your heart racing and your feet will moving as Christabelle and Lindstrom cast their spell over you.

From the backwards voices on, "Looking for What," to the enthralling temptation of, "Music In My Mind," Real Life Is No Cool is a non-stop disco party at about five miles an hour. It's rolling, slinky, and tantalizing. Real Life Is No Coolis also a study in contrasts because it's the exact opposite of everything that Lindstrom's debut is not. Far from being epic, this is all about short and too the point and having a good time at the last disco in the universe. This is the nu-Hitchikers Guide To The Galaxy soundtrack and with tunes like the ones on Real Life Is No Cool there might not be a reason to leave.

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