Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Our Last Night Evovle

Our Last Night burst out of high school two years ago and set the world on fire. Hailing from the small town of Hollis, New Hampshire these fresh faced kids have taken the metal/screamo/emo world by storm and caused so much devastation that the band gave the world two years to recover. However, if you thought Our Last Night was just going to go away quietly, you would be wrong because after two years of rest and recovery, the band is back and as the title of their new album(We Will All Evolve) suggests, they've morphed into something even more brutal, heavy, and technical than ever before.

Our Last Night have a technical expertise that was once reserved for the most precise metal bands on the planet, but have taken those skills and ramped them up about three fold. Their songs on We Will All Evolve have more hooks and riffs than Bill Gates has dollars and it practically requires a math degree to keep track of all of them. Listening to We Will all Evolve is like listening to Sepultura if they were even better musicians and walked around with dyed black hair and skinny jeans. When you think that this band are all still underage and should be hanging out at home with their parents instead of writing gut wrenching guitar chuggers that could annihilate a small town if given the chance, it's absolutely horrifying to think at what this band could become in five years.

We Will All Evolve is packed with 10 songs of absolutely mind numbingly brutal yet melodic tuneage that teeters the line between being emo and being metallic to the point of being sub-death thrash. It's a tolerable teeter as you kind of get the best of both worlds throughout the album and when they alternate between the two it gives you just enough time to catch your breath before they churn out 800 more riffs. It's truly insane at how much this band packs into a song while still remaining somewhat melodic. These guys will make an impact on you and whether it's between your ears or your eyes is all up to you, but Our Last Night will conquer you and might just end up killing you.

We Will All Evolve is a hugely an impressive sophomore effort; there's no sophomore slump for this band. In fact, they may have put together an altogether more formidable effort than their debut. We Will All Evolve is a backbreaking, merciless effort that occasionally comes up for air with a glimpse of melody. For a band so young these guys clearly have the knowledge and ability to create top notch songs and have now done it two albums in a row. While I'm not necessarily a fan of the genre, I certainly appreciate that these guys can somehow manage to stuff 979,734,342 riffs into every song and still manage to make the thing stupendously catchy. A song like, "The Devil Inside You," for example, is insane with at least three different time changes, scruffy death metallish vocals, mosh parts, melodic vocals, guitarists throwing themselves all over the place, and a drummer that keeps time better than a Rolex. It’s impressive stuff that will pretty much snap your neck in two.

We Will all Evolve is truly good stuff and that doesn't get much better and for a group that probably has no one older than 20 years old in it, Our Last Night are clearly on top of their game; already. If you're a fan of anything approaching emo, screamo, metal, or just shredding guitars, Our Last Night is a band to check out and definitely a band to keep an eye on. If there was a definition of melodic grinding mayhem in the dictionary, Our Last Night and We Will All Evolve would be next to it.

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